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Imani Lee


Freelance Videographer & Photographer | Founder of Black Stock Footage

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Real Estate

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Creative Services
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Imani Lee Creative - Lifestyle Photoshoot


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Music Videos

happy CAMPERS.

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I specialize in lean creative productions typically between 1-3 people. I like to pack in the most amount of value in the leanest amount of creative production time allocated time to save you time and money. 

I love working with brands and service-based companies that have a specific vision that doesn't require massive amounts of coordination and resources. I focus on creating clean, engaging, story-driven content that will still look fresh for years to come.

Imani Lee Creative - Black Videographer Photographer

meet your new


As a natural-born creative leader, Imani Lee has a passion for videography and photography that stems from his mind and soul. He has worked on hundreds of projects for local businesses, professionals, and organizations, helping to turn ideas into modern visual experiences. With a commitment to excellence, Imani always goes above and beyond to ensure that every detail is perfect, and the final product is nothing short of spectacular.

meet my wife & partner

An Afro-Latina millennial, born and raised in the diverse city of Miami. Now, she's embracing life in the heart of Tampa with her high school sweetheart of 11+ years.

"At the core of my being, I'm an artist — from photography and videography to writing and painting (the heart of my divine expression). Photography allows me to craft from the depths of my heart, painting empowers me to dance with the dynamic spectrum of colorful cosmic light of the universe, and writing enables me to narrate the profound tale of the human experience."

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